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Neil's 1st post

Hello everyone! I'm the same "Neil" from the other forum (lol); right now the other forum doesn't seem to be working; it's giving some sort of "database error" message, when I attempt to open the webpage. I wonder if it has already been taken down or if the admins are just letting it crash and burn.


  • hey neil, i was looking at tzm forum right now and it does seem to be down.
    look like the admins just abandon it.
  • Hi Neil, Yes same here, I get a database error when trying to access the TZM forum...
  • It's still down. I guess if they haven't bothered to fix it by now they have no desire or intention to fix it, for now or maybe ever. I don't think it's wise for them to let that happen. After the first forum was taken down, the overall movement pretty much got taken down seemingly with it. The split with TVP didn't help things, but I have my doubts that it had a significant impact on bringing down the movement. Here we are again in a situation where it seems like the TZM vanguard(s) have decided to shoot themselves in the foot, again; I don't know what they hope to prove or accomplish.

    Anyways, I guess this forum will be the closest, or only, place for me to talk shop about post scarcity, etc. I'd like to make a suggestion; it's probably too early to bother with for now, until there are enough members on the forum (and it also depends on whether there's a desire and effort to recruit more members, increase this forum's membership), but something to put on the table or "to-do" list for forum enhancements, which is a website chat room. It would allow for real time discussions, rather than waiting hours or days for someone to reply or respond to something on a forum thread.
  • The terre-une initiative is meant to grow (also attracting people to this forum, possibly also French-speaking people in my local area) however I do not have the possibility now to put much time and effort into it, so it will grow by itself, in its own rhythm...

    Do you have experience of a site chat room being useful? I have the impression that if two people or a group of people want to organise something "live", it is sufficiently efficient to use tools that are readily available such as emails, skype etc.
  • Yep, Phil, I have experience with a couple online forums with chat rooms, and they were both active.

    The one that had more members and more activity on the forum tended to have at least half a dozen people in it constantly typing up & talking about all kinds of stuff. On some occasions (because of special events happening those days) there would be dozens in it & even close to 100 (maybe more - I'm kinda guessing) at one time.

    The other forum, which had less activity, also had people, but they were often just the same 2, 3, 4, or 5 folks; they were also usually informally scheduled as to when folks would come into the chat room.

    Usually it would've been in the evening or at night in my time zone, mainly from folks being familiar with each other's schedules (and I think the chat room let forum members know if anyone was in the chat room), but most of the rest of the time it was probably empty. I think it might have been similar with the more active forum's chat room in that there were probably times of the day when it was probably empty.

    I would've liked to have suggested a chat room on the TZM forum, but there didn't seem to be a way to contact an admin, moderator, or some sort of representative to propose it to them. It probably would've had no more than 3 or 4 at the most (my guess), but one of the things about it is that it was a little more international than the other forums I was on (mostly US members, but a tiny number of international folks).
  • The TZM forum seems to be back online
  • Phil said:

    The TZM forum seems to be back online

    Personally, i had enough of this forum the level of neglect by the admins is astonishing.

    i'd rather come here if its ok with you, and also i'm ready to launch my own website if necessary. the website is already completed i'm just waiting to see if there's a demand for it. i created it before i knew about terre une forum(which i really like), so 2 websites might confuse some members.

    in any case, i'm done with TZM forum, probably with the movement also.
  • Did they shut down the TZM forum, or is it just my account that got suspended?
  • The same happened with me
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