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if we get along we don't need representatives

I was thinking about the idea of a state, a police force, an insurance company, even a forum moderator.
aren't they here because people can't settle their disputes by themselves?
we assign a neutral third party to settle disputes because we can't do it ourselves.

lets take an insurance company - you scratch someones car but instead of directly giving her some cash to fix it, you call a third party to settle the dispute.
its the same concept in politics, law,banking, police, army's and so on....

we give them unimaginable power and authority over us mainly because we can't come to a resolution without them.
i was thinking about a software that can "judge" who is right, who's to compensate and how much...

if people trust the software and agree to its rules isn't it an alternative to the humongous and corrupt institutions we created?


  • When there are significant self-interests at stake we tend to be too emotionally involved to be able to settle the dispute in an impartial way. A neutral third party is then desirable.

    One possible solution to reduce such needs is to reduce the occurrence of situations in which we need to defend our self-interests. That will be the case in a culture in which people set the group's interests above their own -- in which everyone would then automatically have access to the basic necessities of life.

    Even so, there will always be disputes which people will not be able to settle by themselves. A problem when settling a dispute using authority is that satisfaction is obtained when one side is said to be wrong and forced to pay for it. In the dispute, both sides feel spurned, so the resolution resolves nothing as one side will still feels injustice. The best resolution would be to lead both sides to understand the other's ompoint of view, in a way help them to settle the dispute by themselves anyway. The computer will not be able to have the psychological subtleness to do this - not today's machines anyway :)
  • so in the future there will be more people who do mediation and dispute resolution?
    sounds good to me :), and i also believe that post scarcity could eliminate a lot of the disputes...

    but in any case i thought maybe we could combine both the psychological subtleness of humans, with the ruthless objectivity of machines/computers.

    take a look at google search engine, or at an accurate temperature sensor etc.. etc...
    there is some beauty and truth to this kind of objectivity that fascinates me
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